Wine tunnel

Square meters: 131 м.кв
Bohuslav, Ukraine
Square meters:
131 м2
Ziuzuik Vadym & Znak Studio

project description

The exquisite wine tunnel connects the house in Bohuslav and the wine-tasting room, which is located near a small wine production. Therefore, this room is attractive not only for interior design but also conceptually, because it combines private and commercial facilities and is open to visitors at the same time. This isn’t just wine storage, it is the owner’s hobby that he wants to share with his guests.

The walls are made of bricks, a traditional material for storing wine, which has high thermal inertia. 

As for the shape of the tunnel, a long and straight room is not psychologically comfortable for a long stay. So we had to fix it. We shortened the corridor visually by laying tiles of different colors on the floor across the tunnel and using shelving made of different types of wood. We also expanded the room visually with the help of lighting: hidden lighting under the ceiling and spotlights illuminating wine cabinets divide the room in depth, thereby reducing it.

We’ve allocated a particular area for storing valuable wines, so the collection doesn’t go unnoticed. To enhance the impression, we reproduced the atmosphere of a winery by adding paintings depicting the sacred process of creating wine.

As a result, we’ve managed to create a space for true wine lovers, where you can slowly walk with a glass of this exquisite drink, get acquainted with the collection, and feel the love of winemaking.



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