Visualization of DTEK CEO’s office

Square meters: 110 м.кв
Square meters:
110 м2
Ziuziuk Vadym and Znak Studio

project description

What should the office of the head of DTEK be like? Let us show our vision. A characteristic feature is an organic combination of modern and classic styles, which characterizes the company as modern, dynamic, and guided by traditional values simultaneously.

Classic motifs are first of all implemented in the Bugatti table and leather chair, which personify the high status and premium image of the leader. The shade of yellow we’ve chosen is also inherent in classic furniture. It complements the image of fastidious decoration and tunes in to positive decisions and focus attention — exactly what is needed in such a space.

The classic motifs are also reproduced in wooden panels. A series of natural materials, such as leather and wood, are accompanied by stone panels with wavy cutouts, as well as a green phytowall. All these are premium interior solutions that emphasize the prestige and giving at the same time a feeling of peacefulness and balance in the very center of Kyiv, with panoramic windows on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Note two more interesting symbolic visualizations: a circle and a hemisphere with illumination on the wall behind the desk, which concentrates even more attention on the “decision-making center”, and funny portraits of leaders, which embody the ability of a high-level manager to ironize himself.



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