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    Fog Factory Restaurant

    Square meters: 250 м.кв
    Ukraine, t. Odessa
    Square meters:
    250 м2
    Zyuzyuk Vadim Vlasyuk Oleksandr Sheremet Sergiy Tamara Konovalyuk

    project description

    During the creation of the Restaurant – “Fog Factory” in Odessa, we were inspired by industrial metal elements, natural materials and shapes, which fit very well into oriental cuisine in combination with the European vision. The design based on a combination of cold metal and warm wood with copper sheets.

    Graphic compositions on the lattice ceiling create shimmer and some illusory space. Copper panels and wood fill the interior with warmth and comfort, which is further emphasized by “cold” concrete, creating a balanced composition. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by “Rock” – a wall of rough stone, on top of which is a logo and its illumination emphasizes the roughness and naturalness of the rock. Thus, we did not create a typical restaurant of oriental cuisine, but a combination of east and west.

    All furniture and most of the lamps are made to order according to our drawings by Ukrainian manufacturers.



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