The private house in the Plyuty village, Kyiv region

Square meters: 1500 м.кв
Plyuty village, Kyiv region
Square meters:
1500 м2
Vadym Ziuziuk Yuriy Yarmolenko Sergiy Sheremet

project description

The house is situated in a scenic location, right by the bank of a water body. Its horizontal design seamlessly blends with the surrounding natural beauty. This effect is achieved, in part, by using an extensive amount of glass on the facade, which blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior. This reflection gives the impression that the architecture is one with a natural landscape. Additionally, the glass construction allows plenty of natural light to enter and flood the interior, providing ample illumination.

The modern concept of house design is a relatively recent trend in Ukraine, particularly in regards to the use of flat roofs, which are typically associated with commercial buildings. However, the success of such a design in Ukraine depends on specific features of the project due to the Ukrainian climate. Building a flat roof requires a high level of technical expertise from the architect, as there are numerous technical aspects to consider ensuring the structure’s durability over the years.

The facade of the house is adorned with large panels of ceramic granite, known for its high resistance to moisture and frost. As for the windows, we opted for large-format aluminium systems instead of plastic, as they are more spacious, environmentally friendly, safe, and stylish, with a longer lifespan.

The house is divided into two areas: a common area on the first floor and a living area on the second. The common area includes a spacious living room, a kitchen, and a relaxation area with several saunas and an indoor pool. The living room is two-stories high and open to the second floor, making it the largest and brightest room in the house, as a classic living room should be. Its windows overlook the courtyard, which features a metal sculpture, creating a unified composition and a sense of integration between the indoor and outdoor spaces.



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