Hotel Rogashka Slatina

Square meters: 2000 м.кв
Рогашка Слатина, Словения
Square meters:
2000 м2
Вадим Зюзюк и студия Znak

project description

Rogashka Slatina Hotel is a respectable family hotel located near the mineral water springs in Slovenia. Guests are greeted by a lobby designed in an eclectic style, combining classical elements with modern ones. The hotel’s concept is geared towards a peaceful retreat, making it clear that this is not a place for parties but for physical and mental rejuvenation.

The highlight of the hotel is its spa area. When designing the space, we focused on creating an unforgettable atmosphere and functional layout. That’s why we combined natural materials such as wood with artificial ones, such as vinyl flooring and ceramic granite. The choice of vinyl was due to its safety in wet areas, making it difficult to slip and reducing the likelihood of injury if a fragile object is dropped on it. Additionally, it’s durable. Similarly, the artificial stone was chosen because natural stone, such as marble, requires special care, making an artificial stone more optimal choice for a public spa area with high humidity.

Upon entering the spa zone, you immediately notice three accents: a wall with parametric decor, unusually shaped loungers, and a wall with sublimated moss. We chose atypical sublimated moss for this wall, featuring several different types with varying colors and textures, creating the impression that the moss is alive.

In the original space of the spa, there were only small windows located close to the floor, making it feel low, especially for tall people. To solve this problem, we added dormer windows and designed the interior in light tones with plenty of lighting, making the space more comfortable and increasing the amount of natural light, which is an essential component of mental restoration.

We designed the hotel corridor in white tones. To make it more comfortable, we visually reduced its depth by dividing it into zones with arches that look like portals. In the stair area, we used an interesting finish that includes copper powder, which can change color over time, creating the effect of metal walls. We made the stairs out of natural stone, that reduces the risk of injury because, unlike tiles, the edges can be rounded.

In all hotel rooms, we used decorative wallpapers of Italian production with natural motifs, but they are not identical in other details. In the standard single room, we combined white color and wood, while the more premium double rooms were made more saturated, with a more interesting color palette based on green, which also sets the tone for visual and mental relaxation. The bedroom in the double room is darker than the other space to visually separate this area. Despite the differences, both types of rooms have an atmosphere of restoration and connection with nature.



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