House “Chalet”

Square meters: 800 м.кв
Ukraine, Kyiv region
Square meters:
800 м2
Vadym Ziuziuk & Znak Studio

project description

The history of this house is quite interesting. Initially, the building was planned as an industrial one, but the client decided to convert it into a country house. Due to the primary concept of the premises, a very high ceiling was made, so high that it created discomfort. The best option for a residential space to create a sense of calm is a cubic form that does not put pressure and does not evoke a desire to leave the room. This effect can be seen in the corridors, which always want to pass as quickly as possible. Therefore, we added beams and trusses to decorate the ceiling and visually reduce its height.

However, we wanted to preserve the atmosphere of “industrialism” in a certain way, so we sheathed the entire premises with natural wood, which preserved its unique natural texture. We love to use materials that have not undergone significant processing because they do not look artificial. Such an approach fills the interior with naturalness and visually makes it more complex and interesting, which, in our opinion, should prevail in country houses.

One of the accents of the room is a three-sided fireplace made of natural dark marble. Its interesting feature is that from all three sides, the glass can be raised to have an open fire in the living room. The fireplace is not accidental here, as there was a column in this place that did not fit into the concept. Another purpose is to divide the room into living and dining areas so that each of these areas is cozier.

On this dark background, light accents such as curtains and modern, minimalist furniture that emphasize the natural background look wonderful. We also chose a dark purple color to add a deep accent to this interior. However, we used not only color contrast but also a stylistic one: against the backdrop of elegant naturalness, we created a modern and minimalist dark gray kitchen, which looks organic and mutually emphasizes each other.

One of the features of the chalet is the stunning view of the lake, so we made panoramic windows in this direction and placed one of the sofas so that you could admire the incredible landscape.

By giving each material its own space, preserving its natural texture and imperfections, we managed to create a truthful conceptual interior, where there is no doubt that stone is stone and wood is wood. It is the absence of these doubts that gives a sense of complete unity with nature and allows chalet owners to relax from the city bustle.



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